The Injector Valve

The Injector Valve

by: A.R. Jameson

Miles Winslow smiled at the woman who walked into his shop.

“Tell me the time of day and I’ll be happy to become your devoted slave.” He told her. She smiled back at him.

“That is most excellent news. Tell me, have you come all the way from your own land just to repair old ships and putter after the faded glory of washed up captains?”

Miles blinked. The question seemed to have taken him aback. “No, my lady. I had higher hopes, once upon a time.”

“Then it is a sad thing you are here, covered in grease like a loser.”

Now he became tempered. “Hey, bitch, listen. I ain’t got time for your musings. Either tell me what you want or just get the hell out of here.”

Then she laughed, which he almost couldn’t believe. “I am seeking discreet passage across the War Zone and into Athalia.”

“Oh.” Miles thought a moment, then looked to his still unrepaied ship. “I suppose I can manage the voyage.”


Miles Winslow and his beauftiful companion died instantly when an injector valve ruptured and the ship exploded.



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