The Whore’s Penny (I)

The Whore’s Penny (I)

“Now if you don’t mind, I have a travelling group of whores to attend to.” Mr. O’Brien said with greasy sneer. Danyard was not appeased.

“Hey now we agreed you owed me ten million dollars. Not just gonna back out on that now are you huh buddy old pal?”

“Do not address me thus. I’m neither your buddy nor pal and I certainly am not OLD!” Mr. O’Brien puffed up like a balloon filled with so much hot flatulence.

“Sorry, sir, but I must have compensation!”

“Sounds OK to me, but you must understand, good sir, I have business to attend to. Those whores won’ feed themselves! Why don’t you come along for a visit?”

“Sounds most excellent indeed, yes, yes mhmmm!” Danyard skipped along to Miles O’Brien’s den of whores, his enormous gut bouncing joyously. Each one more beautiful than the last. Oh, how he wished he had a penny for a whore!

“Care to earn the pleasure of one of these fine ladies?”

“Oh yes sir indeed!”

“Good.” Miles handed him a knife. “This one has been hiding coin from me. Slit her throat and you may choose any bitch here.”

But Danyard saw that she was the most beautiful creature he had ever laid eyes upon, how could he have this woman’s blood upon his hands?

“I cannot, sir.”

“Very well. Then you shall be married to Big Bertha. So be it.”



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