Thoughts on Writing: Tropes & Cliches

Many young writers, I assume, are a little overly obsessed with making their story the most original thing ever. And by original, I mean some balls to the walls concept that NO ONE has EVER thought of – something so far out any reader would be hopeless not to sit back and go “wow, ain’t that original!

Here’s the problem: it’s pretty much all been done before. Especially in fantasy. I made countless attempts to make a story to subvert all tropes of the genre, and in doing so just made an incoherent mess. Just browse around on, you’ll quickly discover that whatever brilliant concept you have not only has been done it also has a name for it. Continue reading “Thoughts on Writing: Tropes & Cliches”


I’d Like To Be A Writer, Someday

A common thread I’ve seen from fellow writers on the interwebs is the notion that they’re somehow a fraud – that to introduce themselves as writer is somehow an affront to honest, hard working people, an indulge in delusions of grandeur,even. That we can’t really call ourselves a write, not when we’ve still got that unrelated day job (or a need for one), because we view it as introducing a profession rather than a passion – and professionals get paid, right? But even successful published authors can feel this way, and it’s such a pervasive phenomenon there’s even a psychological term for it. I’m not sure if I should be comforted by this, or to cry out in dismay. But apparently, it’s not all bad.  Continue reading “I’d Like To Be A Writer, Someday”

Thoughts On Writing: Show Don’t Tell

Show don’t tell.

This is a piece of advice you’ll hear time and time again – that you must show your reader what is happening, but what exactly does this mean? Aren’t you telling a story, after all? Well yes – but your aim should be immersion, and that’s what this is all about.  Continue reading “Thoughts On Writing: Show Don’t Tell”